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A List of Suggestions on How to Write an Effective Research Paper

Anyone can write a research paper, but your goal is to write an effective research paper. Believe it or not, there are some suggestions that can help you to perform this task. Feel free to use this list as you write your papers.


  • Find a topic you love, your job will be easier
  • Ask your teacher for help and go to extra help sessions
  • Find a good MLA and a good APA guide and bookmark it
  • Have a writing tutor to help you edit if possible
  • Use your school or community writing lab, if there is not one, see if you can use the local college writing lab
  • Read model essays often to see how it is done, you should read as many as you write
  • Ask your teacher or tutor for samples you can read
  • Always plan your work out at the beginning of the project or paper
  • Have a friend or family member proof it, an extra set of fresh eyes can be a valuable tool
  • Never wait to the last minutes
  • Finish all of your deadlines at least two days early
  • Ask questions when you do not understand what you are supposed to be doing
  • Write several drafts of your paper, each time you write a draft the paper should get better
  • Use a detailed outline to guide you through the paper
  • Have a strong thesis statement, change it if any of the main ideas are not working for you
  • Make sure you always have intext citations for when you use other people‚Äôs support, if you do not do this, then you are plagiarizing
  • Use a size 12 font
  • Use Arial or New Times Roman
  • Double-space
  • Do not use a title page, but place a MLA style heading on the left top side of the front page
  • On every page after the first page, put our last name and the page number in the top right corner
  • Use quality academic databases for your research, see if your school subscribes to some of the more popular site

These are a lot of things to remember, but each rule is important. You should print this list and keep in in your desk area. You can always refer to this tip list when you have a paper assigned. After a while, you will be a professional at essay writing.

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