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How to Find a Great Sample of a Research Paper Abstract 

You have written the whole research paper already, and now it is time to create an abstract. This is a summary of the entire work, which can be found in the very first pages of your paper. It is very important that a proper abstract be written, because the reader will use it as an overview and decide whether this particularly work contains the necessary information. One of the best ways to write a good abstract is to look through the successful samples of research paper abstracts. They can be found in different places. What you should do is systematically seek and check if these samples correspond with your purposes. You can find well-written abstract samples in the following sources:

  1. College library.
  2. In this place, you can look through the research papers of your predecessors and check what the abstracts should look like.

  3. Your professor.
  4. You may ask your teacher to provide you with an abstract sample that is considered by him or her to be appropriate. Now your abstract, if written per the sample, will comply with the school standards.

  5. Internet.
  6. There are many abstract samples available online. First of all, pay attention to specialized university websites. Detailed guidelines with included samples may be found there. Secondly, look for on-line tutorials or manuals that are devoted to academic writing; the proper examples are always provided by such resources. Lastly, you might make use of the professional writing services. Some of them provide not only essay examples, but also term papers and abstract samples.

Before you start using the sample you found as a background for your own abstract, check if it is really up to standards. Remember that a really good abstract sample should include the following key elements:

  1. Purpose of the research.
  2. Problem that should be solved in this paper.
  3. Research methods: the models, approaches, or evidence that had been used for the research should be specified.
  4. Findings: the results of the work are to be represented.
  5. Conclusion: the implications of the research should be stated.

Moreover, a strong abstract should be written with the following features taken into account:

  1. The most important information should be given first.
  2. The key terms and phrases should be used.
  3. The language style should be in conformity with the entire paper.
  4. The whole abstract should be clear and laconic.

If all the aforementioned characteristics can be found in the abstract sample that you have come across, congratulate yourself for this success and start creating your own piece of writing.

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