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How To Write A Powerful Research Paper Topic Sentence

Topic sentences basically delineate and define the subject matter of the following paragraph. The prime focus of the topic sentence is to convey the readers what they should expect from the paragraph or from the following paragraphs. It is the expertise of professional writers to write topic sentences that can exceptionally express the main idea of the paragraph.

The concept behind a research paper is to identify and explore issues. When it comes to write your paper, you should always create an outline for your help. The ideas that you will write in the outline will automatically become the prime topics which you will be discussing in your topic sentences for all the paragraphs.

To help you, here are few hints on how to write a powerful research paper topic sentence:

  • Ensure that the topic sentence recognizes the main idea or point that you are trying to depict in the following paragraph.
  • Topic sentence should be a single line summary of the paragraph and it should be precise and to the point.
  • Topic sentences are likely to be the first sentence of the paragraph or close to the first sentence because the prime focus of the topic sentence is to clarify why you are writing the following paragraph.
  • The topic sentence you will write should attract the attention of the readers instantly and encourage them to read continuously by making it intriguing and exciting for them.
  • You can write topic sentence to describe a character, portray an emotion, use dialogue or detail to attract and describe what the following paragraph is going to be about.
  • Avoid using any metaphorical questions in the topic sentences because formulating questions for the readers is not the objective of topic sentences.

As already mentioned, the concept of writing topic sentence for research paper is to give the readers a concise idea about the following paragraph. It can also be reckoned as the intro of the paragraph. Writing a paper without introduction is not acceptable, similarly writing a paragraph without introducing your topic is also incomplete.

There are several ways that can help you to deal with the art of writing a topic sentence. Ensure that the topic sentence you are writing is interesting and intriguing and most importantly it should convey the subject matter efficiently so that the readers continue with the following paragraph.

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