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A List Of Shocking Environmental Research Paper Topics

Most people go through their day without giving a consideration to the world around them. While their subconscious may note the sun, rain, wind, or snow, we are so conditioned to seeing them that it never occurs to wonder how these elements are surviving - how they are evolving and changing. Are they in any danger? Here is a list of shocking environmental research paper topics whose answers may have you wishing you never asked that question:

  • Disrupting the balance: Endocrine disruptors in California's waterways.
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls ( PCBs): Their current status in the ecosystem of Lake Superior.
  • Mercury and its link to Alzheimer's: How badly are our fish contaminated?
  • Environmental and health issues linked to the growing of genetically-modified corn in the Mid-West.
  • The Great Lakes invaded: What is the spiny water flea and how is it disrupting aquatic balance?
  • Will we run out of power? The new trend to wind and solar generated energy.
  • What effects do the coal-burning power plants have on the environment of the Great Lakes?
  • Forest depletion is occurring at an alarming rate. Is the development of genetically engineered, faster-growing trees a help or a hindrance?
  • Geothermal energy: Is it the future?
  • Too many people and not enough room: Developing a solution for solid waste disposals solutions in "The Big Apple".
  • Contamination in the sewage treatment system: How quickly can a man-made virus be introduced and how quickly will it spread?
  • Repeated beach closings: How does bacteria increase in our water sources?
  • The power of acid rain: How much damage is it really causing?
  • Spraying of pesticides: What is it doing to the environment and our health?
  • Our oceans are getting sick. Can we survive if they are not healed?
  • Groundwater contamination: Developing effective cleaning methods.
  • What effects does lake shore development have on the environment and the eco-system?
  • Agriculture and land use: Animal species are declining or disappearing altogether. Will we be next?
  • A grave ecological problem: What can we do about declining biodiversity?
  • The dynamics of human population? We will run out of space eventually. What are we going to do? Should we start planning solutions now?
  • After reading the novel A State of Fear by Michael Crichton, the validity of global warming is called into question. What is the truth? What proof is there?
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