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A Great Collection Of High School Research Paper Topic Ideas

Conducting research in high school can be slightly harder than doing so in college. Having a less specialised body of knowledge to work from can make some of the paper sound vague or less convincing. On the other hand, the judging criterion is also somewhat more lenient for high school students.

When deciding what to research, think about how much work you genuinely want to put into the paper. There are topics that will require surveys to be handed out while others can be compiles entirely from secondary sources. This makes a huge difference if you have limited time. If the paper is being completed as a group effort, you should also discuss this with the other members because their time is being assigned as well.

Here are some topics that you can look at and consider using:

  1. How will private space travel affect the world’s major economies?
  2. What led to the construction of China\s many ghost cities?
  3. Should music appreciation be fostered from birth?
  4. Are people who learn to read as adults any less competent than those who learn as children?
  5. Should financial literacy be taught to children from preschool upward?
  6. Entrepreneurship: How feasible a career path does it present to most?
  7. How dangerous is the consumption of refined sugar?
  8. Can meditation be used to curb bullying?
  9. Are gifted students pressured to peak academically in their teens?
  10. Do abstinence only programs reduce teen pregnancy rates more effectively than sex education programs?
  11. What effects do pageants have on their preadolescent participants?
  12. Should cheerleading be made a sport?
  13. Should provocative cheerleading costumes and moves be banned?
  14. Are exams an effective means of testing knowledge?
  15. Should all employers provide exercise equipment and facilities on their compounds?
  16. How are women affected by vanity sizing?
  17. Has the widespread use of the World Wide Web made us smarter as a species?
  18. How can high schools become more welcoming environments for intersex teens?
  19. Should the sale of human organs by willing donors become legal?
  20. Is the media presentation of unhealthy models responsible for increases in eating disorders?
  21. Can a vacation from social media lead to increased self-esteem and wellbeing?
  22. Can all religions have public holidays?

These topics represent many different fields. Depending on how ambitious you feel about any one of them you can write it as it is or add more or less to the topic to make it unique to you. This will help you to be more creative and produce better research.

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