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Who Can Help Me Out: Searching For Biology Term Paper Ideas

It is always difficult to come to a decision about what you want to base a term paper on. There may have some parts of the course that you really enjoyed and feel that you would like to explore the in greater depth. But sometimes you need a little inspiration.

Your tutor may have given you some inspirational ideas, but you may be concerned that another student may choose the same topic as you and deal with the topic in a more resourcefully than you..

You may find that by talking to other students about their biology term papers that you find an idea that you then develop into an idea for your own work.

You could always visit your school library and ask the Librarian if they have a list of topics for Biology term papers. This would give you access to some of the topics that have been used in the past.

It is always a good idea to have access to a few examples of past Biology term papers so you can judge the treatment of the topic and the level attained when it was marked. Actually just reading through the paper as if you were a ‘tutor’, can be a good exercise.

Where else can you look? Online is a great place to look for inspiration.

  • Using your favorite search engine, type in ‘biology term paper ideas’.
  • Your search should give you options several different sites that can provide you with a list of biology term paper.
  • The main problem here will be that the lists are going to be very long.
  • Either print out the list or cut and paste the list onto a new document. Now start eliminating the topics in which you have little or no interest.
  • Try to get the list down to about 10 possibles.
  • At this point it may be a good idea to think about how interested you are in each of the topics. Try to get your list down to 4-5 that would be series contenders.
  • With the 4-5 topics that have taken your interest, spend 10 minutes writing out a rough plan and doing some brainstorming. You may find that once you start this part of the exercise that out have an outright ‘winner’ or at the very least you will be able to make a definite elimination of at least 2 topics.

Whatever topic you decide on, it may be an idea just to run your plan past your tutor before you begin you invest a serious amount of time in the work.

Good Luck.

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