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A List Of Unusual Business Topics For College Research Papers

A research paper in business must be interesting and original in order to earn you a good grade. To choose a topic that will allow you to create a paper like this you need to consider the following requirements:

  • Relevance.
  • You can write about a great number of things, but whatever you choose, it has to be relevant. There is no point in creating an essay that tells about some obscure field of business that no one actually needs to hear about.

    In order to know what the most important issues in your field of study are, you should follow the news and read several most popular professional publications.

  • Originality.
  • Please note that your topic should be original, not unique. It is almost impossible to find a one of a kind issue to write your business paper about, so you shouldn’t waste your time searching for it. Instead, you need to focus on developing an original approach to some important matter that you want to focus on.

  • Personal interest.
  • You will be able to write a much better essay if you are actually interested in the subject. This should help you stay motivated and complete the assignment quickly.

Business Paper Topic Ideas

If you can’t come up with any interesting ideas on your own, study the following prompts:

  1. Electronic banking: pros and cons.
  2. The reasons of the latest economic crisis and the strategies of countering it.
  3. The most efficient methods to stop the inflation in the 21st century.
  4. Business risk management: how to tell when the risk is too high?
  5. How to initiate and conduct a successful business merger.
  6. Supply chain management basics.
  7. The evolution of Internet marketing tools.
  8. The role of outsourcing in the U.S. economy.
  9. How to advance your business through outsourcing to the third world countries.
  10. Managing an online retail business: advice for beginners.
  11. Banking tools: a detailed overview.
  12. The importance of micro-finance initiatives for the Chinese economy.
  13. Establishment and management of a supply chain: a success story.
  14. Is commodity trading a viable business concept for the U.S. economy today?
  15. The most efficient monetary policies of the European governments in the last decade.

Please note that you need to consider the required word count when you choose a topic for your essay. You have to be sure that there is enough material on the subject for you to meet the requirements.

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