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10 Hot Recent Events You May Use As High School Research Paper Topics

When it is time to write a research paper, many students are unable to select a good topic. One of the best topic ideas is to use a recent event. This allows students to explore the history behind a controversy and the ongoing event. For hot recent event ideas, students should consider some of the following tips.

Ukraine and the Crimea

Although some of the controversy is dying down, the Russian occupation of the Crimea has had major repercussions on the world stage. From freezing Russian assets to public outcry, this event is not without consequences.

Spread of Ebola

There are still people dying from Ebola in Africa. The outbreak that started in 2014 has reached an unprecedented level of people. Concentrated in three main countries, this epidemic has led to a mass-panic across the world. In the countries hit hardest by Ebola, doctors, nurses and medical supplies are still lacking. Papers about this topic could research the global response, the cause of the epidemic or the repercussions for future epidemics.

Death of Charlie Hebdo

In January of 2015, a French writer by the name of Charlie Hebdo was killed. A total of 12 people were shot on a shooting rampage that was started by Islamic extremists. Before this event took place, Hebdo had written political cartoons that criticized the Prophet Mohammed. Since the attack, world leaders have drawn together in support of France.

ISIS and the Middle East

A quick look a map shows the growing power of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East. This force is quickly taking over and radicalizing different countries. Research papers on the topic could detail the beliefs of ISIS, particular battles, their growth and current efforts to stop the group.

The Privatization of Space

In the last year, Virgin Galactica has received a lot of attention for their efforts at privatizing space. Each ticket to outer space is estimated to cost about $200,000.

Kurdistani Female Fighters

In the fight against ISIS, groups like the Kurdistani Female Fighters have received a lot of attention. These women-only units train and live in the northern portion of Iraq.

Cause of Islamic and Christian Rift

This rift goes back decades, but it remains important. Without the original rift between Christianity and Islam, some of today's wars would not be fought.

Taiwanese and Chinese Relations

China says that Taiwan is a province of China, but the Taiwanese disagree. Although the US does not recognize Taiwan, it continues to anger China by selling Taiwan weaponry.

43 Missing Students in Mexico

In 2014, the protests around the 43 missing students received worldwide attention. To many, this case exemplifies the failure of Mexico's government to crack down on gangs and drug trafficking.

Sony Hack and North Korea

Another popular event is the alleged North Korean hack on Sony. Students can write about the possible hackers behind this attack. For an interesting event, students could also write about the current prison camps that are operating in North Korea.

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