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Selecting Unique Topics for a College Research Paper

Many students find selecting a topic the most challenging aspect of research paper writing. It may seem easier said than done, but there are a few things to think about before making your final selection. There are a few things your topic of choice should have in order to make writing about it easier for you. There are also a few ways you can review and select different topics.

What are Your Interests?

A good place to start when selecting a topic is your interests. This includes things you like to read or learn about. You can consider subjects you have yet to learn but want to use this opportunity to get started. You can brainstorm ideas by writing them down as they pop up in your head. Later you can eliminate ideas you do not like and start breaking them down into smaller ideas. From here you may find your final topic. Another way to get ideas from your interests includes reviewing potential topics and even reading sample papers. You can get ideas from reading topic lists related to subject matter you are studying.

Choosing Something Manageable

Think about guidelines for your paper. You should choose a topic that will help you meet necessary requirements. Your topic should be something you feel you can complete in a good amount of time. Can you access sources without a problem? Will you be able to provide information to support your argument or thesis statement? As you do research you may find yourself making adjustments to your main idea to ensure you can prove it clearly.

Time management is another issue you may need to consider. Some topics may require more time to write and research than others. Will you be able to commit to your final selection and be able to minimize interruptions? Select something you will focus on and find worth the time and effort to present.

Are You Able to Provide Answers People Will Understand?

Your topic selection should be able to answer who, what, when, why, and where. These elements help pull your paper together and make your topic look original. These are common questions with each having a unique purpose to your paper. In doing so you should think about details you will need to collect in order to answer these questions efficiently and clearly.

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