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Choosing A Good Research Paper Service: Some Helpful Suggestions

The Internet has lots of websites offering to do your research paper, but not all of them can be trusted. Use the guide below to pick a trustworthy writing company.

  • Evaluate the website’s pitch.
  • When you enter “research paper writing service” in a search engine line, you get a lot of links to relevant website. A short description under the link is a website’s pitch. Read this text. Does it make sense or it is just a mixture of key words? Next, look at the website’s URL. Does the domain name make sense for a company that deals in research writing? Any oddities discovered at this stage do not necessarily indicate a scammer website, but the absence of them is a good sign. Reliable companies take care of keeping their pitch proper.

  • Check the company’s registration.
  • Once on the website, open the contacts page. Does it contain a physical address or a landline phone number? Most websites do not provide this data, so its presence is a strong indicator of credibility. If the company also has a state registration number, it is definitely a reliable one. Otherwise, you can use their toll-free number to learn more. Call it, and ask where the service is physically located. The staff of a legal and trustworthy company would have no trouble answering this question. Alternatively, you can use a free online checker to identify this domain’s true owner.

  • Look for customer testimonials.
  • Many writing services feature comments by grateful customers on their websites, but you can never be sure where these are genuine or not. Look what people say about this company on third party resources, such as student forums. Any feedback found there is more likely to be true.

  • Check guarantees.
  • Do not entrust your research paper to a service that does not promise to deliver 100% authentic work and generate a free anti-plagiarism report for you. The best companies would also return all of your money if the paper appears to be plagiarized. Guarantees should not only be featured on the main page but also written into the text of your customer agreement.

  • Ask about your writer’s credentials.
  • When you have two or three websites left on your list, ask each one’s administrator about whether they have writers with a strong background in your research paper’s field. In a good service, the administrator would disclose to you the writer’s academic degree and the number of previously completed papers. Compare this data to make your final choice.

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