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A List of Successful Nursing Topics for a Research Paper

To produce a successful research paper in nursing, you need a topic that is actual and broad enough. To make your paper unique, focus on the most recent advancements or interesting cases in your chosen field. Here are few examples of broad nursing research topics, which you can tailor to your individual needs and interests:

  • Commonalities and differences in nursing practices around the world.
  • Compare nursing practices in two countries. Explain in which ways nursing medicine in your country can benefit from this foreign experience.

  • A famous school for nursing.
  • Explore the origins of a particular nursing school, its accomplishments and significance. Find out whether the methods and practices of this school are still relevant and how they can be modified to become more efficient in the present-day world.

  • A professional pathway in nursing.
  • Address a particular problem or challenge that nursing professionals face (e. g. low wages or difficulties in climbing “the ladder”) and offer an empirically-based solution.

  • The past, present, and future of nursing.
  • Compare common nursing practices in a particular field (e. g. neonatal nursing) today and several decades ago. Point out the most important changes, discuss whether they were beneficial or not and what further evolution is desirable or expectable.

  • Addressing job risks in nursing.
  • With the recent case of an American nurse who caught Ebola, the job safety of nurses becomes a pressing issue. Discuss the current situation and ways for improvement.

  • Shortage of nurses.
  • Investigate the problem of “nursing gap” and its possible solutions.

  • International migration of nurses.
  • Take a stance: whether you think that facilitating nursing immigration is a good way to solve the problem of their shortage or not. Support your view with evidence.

  • Nursing licenses.
  • Discuss whether nursing licenses are a good way to assess the competence of nurses and how the system of licensing can be improved.

  • Economic worth of nursing jobs.
  • Explore the ways in which a professional’s economic worth is assessed in nursing and which of these ways is the most relevant.

  • Social media in nursing education.
  • Speculate on how the recent trend of using social media for educational purposes can benefit nursing. Look for real-world examples of successful use of this digital technology.

  • Patient abuse in nursing.
  • Conduct a research study of patient abuse in nursing facilities. Review federal regulations that should be protecting patients, and assess how effective they are. Offer your own solution to this problem, e. g. a more thorough personnel selection or in-job education.

  • Neuman’s model for nurse-patient interactions.
  • Night Monitoring Systems in nursing.
  • Cardiocirculatory emergency techniques and equipment in nursing.
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