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Term Paper Topics: What to Do If Nothing Comes to Mind

Choosing a topic is a crucial decision that can influence the entire term paper writing, so it is not surprising that you don’t have a single idea in your mind. The following pieces of advice will help you overcome your writer’s block and come up with a strong topic for your term paper.

  1. Use a brainstorming technique.
  2. Students usually write term papers at the end of a particular course, so try to remember what you have learnt from the course; look through your notes if necessary. There may have been some matters that seemed interesting or challenging to you. Follow the stream of your thoughts and write down every idea that comes to mind. You don’t need to produce long sentences; begin with words associated with it. Ask your classmates or friends to take part in the brainstorming. They will probably provide you with good ideas and jumpstart your inspiration.

  3. Pick a topic that interests you.
  4. Research paper writing can become a fascinating process if the topic is somehow related to the sphere of your interest. Even if you don’t like this class, you can still think of how to bind it to your hobby or plans for the future. However, the topic should meet the professor’s requirements as well. Professors often encourage students to connect their studies with everyday life. That can be a good opportunity to find a solid topic and draw interest to your paper.

  5. Make your topic more specific.
  6. Once you have an idea of what to write about, your next step is to narrow it down to a research question. If you do so, it will facilitate your information search since you have a concrete direction. Make sure that your topic is not too narrow, otherwise you can only find few materials on it.

  7. Consult with your professor.
  8. Don’t proceed to the writing stage if you haven’t gotten your professor’s approval on your topic. Moreover, if your professor takes part in your topic development, you can be 100% sure that she or he likes the topic. You may even reap some benefits when it comes to getting graded for the work.

A list of suggestions for your term paper topic.

  • Can a psychological disease be cured?
  • What are some effective means of preventing crimes?
  • Can censorship improve society?
  • Should higher education be more affordable?
  • Why people commit crimes: social aspects of the problem.
  • Does ecology impact the human lifespan?
  • Are vaccinations important in the modern world?
  • How can eating disorders be prevented?
  • How does society benefit from religion?
  • Is genetically modified food good for people’s health?
  • What can global warming result in?
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