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How To Create An MLA Style Academic Research Paper: General Tips

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is among the major formats used in essay writing platform. It has a specific set of guidelines which should be adhered to. This article provides the general tips that form a guideline for your MLA style academic research paper.

Page dimensions

First, you have to select a standard white paper on your computer. The paper should have dimensions of 8.5 inch by 11inch. This is the standard size for MLA format.


MLA writing format requires that words should be double-spaced. Unlike other writing formats which require double spacing for punctuations between sentences and single spacing for punctuations that end sentences, MLA writing style instructs a single spacing for all punctuations unless otherwise appraised.

Font size and font type

It is a necessity for MLA writing styles to adopt acquit and legible font size and font style. Therefore, the standard font style should be 12 point while the font style should be the New Times Roman or any other readable font. Nevertheless, it is recommended if italics and regular font styles are employed in the writing, words should be clearly distinguishable.


All article writers who adopt MLA style should ensure all the four sides of the paper and that is, top, bottom, left and right margins, should have 1 inch spacing.


The first line of each paragraph should be indented one and half inch from the left margin. Some writers do this by using the space key to move the cursor. However, this is not recommended for MLA style. Instead, a tab should be employed to perform this function.


All pages should include a header that also numbers all the pages. It should be placed on the upper right hand corner, one and half inch from the top margin and flush with the right margin.

Use of italics

MLA writing style recommends the use of italicized words for the titles of the entire document. This is especially for lengthy documents.

Endnotes inclusion

All endnotes should be included in the text before writing the cited page.

The first page

The first page of the document for MLA format should include the author’s name, co-authors, institution, course and the date. This should be aligned on the upper left hand corner. The title should be centrally placed should adopt standard capitalization. After writing the title, double space before you write the first line of the text.

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