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How To Find Good Argument Topics For Research Papers: A List Of Possible Sources

With so many choices of what to base an argumentative research paper on it can become a little overwhelming. Before you know it information overload sets in and you are pulling your hair out as every 5 minutes you change your mind. Perhaps the best way of going about a search is to find the places where you can get some ideas that you can identify with – ones you can connect with. Read on for a list of possible sources.

Watch The News

By watching the news you can see what topics are popular today, not last year, or 10 years ago. This will give you plenty of fresh ideas on what to base the paper on, and in addition you can get the material for the paper by watching the news. It will be like doing your homework by watching TV – not bad right?

Most news channels have websites where they post write-ups on anything that’s reported on TV. You can browse through these to get further information and ideas on what to base your argument on.

Look Through Essay Samples

For ideas on what makes a good argumentative essay you could try looking through essays that have already been completed by others. You can find these on official university websites and by looking at samples on essay writing services. By looking through enough samples you might come across one that resonates with you.

However, don’t plagiarize the essay, instead use it to get inspired and create your own one. Paying attention to how closely you take information from sample essays is important, because it will prevent you from getting in trouble with plagiarism.

A List Of Suggestions

  • What role should technology play in education?
  • How are online technologies changing the way we live?
  • How is social media making a change in family relationships?
  • Could your school day be longer?
  • Is cyber bullying such a big issue as it’s made out to be?
  • Is the size of your class important?
  • Can abortions be decreased without legislation?
  • What is the true cause of child obesity?
  • Why are people becoming increasingly disconnected from each other?
  • What is the importance of sports classes at school?
  • Is video gaming a good or bad thing for society?
  • Are there any benefits of hunting for the environment?
  • How can people be encouraged more to recycle?
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