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10 Fresh Term Paper Ideas On Death Of A Salesman

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is usually taken in American English (11th grade for most students), in any American literature College class, and it many classes, which study American Plays. The odds are very great that you will end up reading and then writing about the play. If the teacher gives you your topic, this is a good situation, if her or she does not give you a title, use one of the ones listed below for a perfect essay:

Suggested Title Ideas

  • Metaphors used in Miller’s tale
  • The neighborhood that Willy and Lind alive in and how this setting moves the plot to the climax and eventual resolution
  • Being abandoned and how this fear drives Willy
  • Conforming to the ideal American Dreams and how important this is to Willy (make sure to discuss the idea of the American dream with great precision and detail)
  • Biffs repeated failures and what that says about Willy and Biff both (you have quite a few failures you can select from for the piece)
  • Willy’s affair and how it all comes tumbling down due to his affair
  • Willy’s version of the family as opposed to the reality of the family’s actual life (foils)
  • Loving and liking and if Biff and Willy can tell the difference between the two terms (make sure to use situations and direct lines from the play)
  • Escape-which characters escape, what they are escaping from, and how this escape eventually impacts them
  • The theme of rejection in the play-you can focus on Biff, Charlie, Willy, or Willy’s wife (use lines and scenes for support)

Any of these ideas would make for a good composition on Arthur Miller’s The Death of a Salesman. You cannot go wrong with these ideas. However, you can also stick to the traditional ideas for a written paper such as theme, metaphors, foils, dialogue, conflict, setting, character development, literary devices, and play construction for a topic if you wish to do so. Whatever topic you pick, make sure you have a strong thesis statement, you may a solid outline, you use the MLA format, you cite your used sources, you start and finish the essay very strong, you follow all grammar and writing rules, you meet all deadlines, and you pay close attention to the instructions and directions your teacher has given to you concerning this composition.

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