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How To Make An Outline For A Research Paper In The Chicago Style

The Chicago manual of style is usually abbreviated as CMS, CMOS or simply as Chicago. The University of Chicago Press is the responsible of this publication sine the beginning of the last century. Throughout the several edition of this handbook, the writing and citation styles have been improved. Nowadays, this style has quite useful guidelines for editorial practice and has become a popular reference in American English document preparation.

The Chicago style

This manual is currently published in hard-cover as well as online. Most of the features provided by the University of Chicago in this regard are available for free, such as some editing tools or the Q&A section on their website. In order to access to the latest version of the manual, you will need to pay for the subscription, though. Despite of this limitation, a lot of info is explained in the official websites and other pages, such as blogs or forums which focus on writing issues. This style proves to be very handy for book edition, as well.

The aim of the Chicago style

This handbook was first published in 1906 as a comprehensive reference style guide. Throughout the subsequent editions of this manual, more writing issues have been added. Nowadays, the Chicago style can be applied to almost any kind of document, specially books and papers. The citation style has been one of the most developed issues in the past few years. For instance, the citation of electronic works was included in the fifteenth edition of this handbook. Other technological developments regarding writing have also been included in the latest versions of this manual, such as producing online content and e-books.

About this style

As you can see, there is much to gain when using the CMOS for your academic documents. This handbook has been revised and improved throughout the years in order to reach the current status it offers to the authors. In fact, there is also a recent version from 2013 which was adapted to Spanish due to the popularity of these guidelines in English. In order to include the trends of the language in use, a new version is published every 10 years approximately. In your research paper, you should include a short review of the versions of this manual in order to summarize the evolution of this writing style.

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