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How To Write A Strong Summary For A Research Paper

Research comes in two forms, argumentative and analytic, each form serving its unique purpose. It is important to consider the intention of the study to ensure the original message is retained in your summary. Here are some tips on writing a strong summary on each type of research paper.

The argumentative paper

In this type of research the intention is to convince the reader of a particular opinion or conclusion. In the paper the author outlines his case giving evidence and counter evidence in an attempt undeniably convince the reader of their point of view. Here are three steps to follow when summarizing this type of research paper:

  1. Adopt the writer’s opinion
  2. If you understand the writer’s point of view you can then state it as you understand in the summary without misrepresentation. It is of utmost importance that this meaning is not lost since it is the entire purpose of this research.

  3. State both sides of the story
  4. Present the points as it is outlined in the original work and state them each clearly. Be concise, and ensure that each side of the argument is stated without misrepresentation.

  5. Conclusion
  6. Wrap up your paper as if you were the one presenting the argument. Your summary must in itself be an argumentative paper seeking to convince the reader of a particular point of view.


This type focuses on exploring all possible interpretations or causes of a particular situation without being biased to any one opinion or view. It seeks to list all angles in an attempt to have the date scrutinized rather than to convince the reader of anything. These studies are usually done with strict guidelines to ensure data is collected fairly without the influence of ulterior agendas. Here are some guidelines when summarizing this type of research:

  1. All data is relevant
  2. It may be recommended that you simply list the information in point form to avoid leaving out any detail which may very well lean the outcome of analysis in a particular direction.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the topic
  4. Getting acquainted with the terms and methods used can make it much easier to condense the data.

  5. Use Visual date representation
  6. Because of the nature of this investigation, it may be possible to organize the data into a table, graph or chart, which often serves to provide a more convenient method of viewing the data.

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