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Professional Term Paper Help: Composing A Winning Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement can be really tough, since it’s one of the most important parts of your paper. You may need someone to help me with my thesis. You will have to write a thesis statement that explains everything that you will talk about in your paper in a single sentence. That can seem impossible when you have a lot to say! The important thing to keep in mind when writing a thesis statement is that it’s like a preview of the paper: just like a movie preview gives you the important plot points of the movie, your thesis statement gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the rest of the paper.

What type of thesis statement you should write usually depends a lot on what type of paper you’re writing. For example, an expository essay requires a different type of thesis statement than an argumentative paper. There are three main paper types: expository, analytical, and argumentative. Here are the appropriate ways to write a thesis for each of these types of paper.

  • Analytical: in an analytical paper, you’re not making a point as much as you are explaining both sides of an issue. You need to talk about all the critical parts of an issue without weighing in on it or “siding” with one point of view. For an analytical paper, your thesis should look something like this:

Global warming is a hot-button issue, with some people claiming that it is a critical problem that needs to be addressed and other people claiming that it is either not happening or a natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided.

In the paper, you would explain both sides fully, talking about why each side believes what they do.

  • Expository: in an expository essay, all you are doing is explaining something, be it a scientific theory, a modern trend, or a social issue. A thesis statement for an expository essay should look something like this:

Global warming is the gradual increase in global temperatures caused by changes in the atmosphere.

In the paper, you would explain exactly what changes in the atmosphere cause global warming, and what global warming means for the earth.

  • Argumentative: in an argumentative essay, you need to take a side on a social issue and defend your point of view. An example of a thesis for an argumentative essay would be something like:

Global warming is an important issue facing the entire planet because it can lead to extreme weather, drought and famine, and massive extinctions.

In the paper, you would talk about how global warming results in these problems, and why these problems are important.

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