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Getting Strong And Unused American History Research Paper Topics

Coming up with a great topic can be one of the most challenging parts of completing any research paper assignment. However, it is crucial that you invest some time in finding a super subject that interests you, and is sure to hook your readers in as well. The title and the first few lines of your paper are your opportunity to make a great first impression, and convince your audience to keep reading your essay.

American history has thousands of potential topics just waiting to become part of your next research paper thesis. Which ones will get you a great grade? Some subjects have been done to death, while there are other unused treasures that you should consider as a topic for your next American history assignment. Here are a few tips to consider before you start work on your next composition.

Dare To Be Different! Use A Unique Topic For Your Next Paper:

Nail Down A Topic That Interests You, And Formulate An Original Approach

Are you a fan of The Civil Rights Movement, or do you find the Founding Fathers of greater interest? Both are common topics for American history research papers, but there are unique angles from which you could come at these subjects.

For example, you could look at one particular figure in the Civil Rights Movement and examine what inspired him or her to become involved in the cause. When one mentions America's Founding Fathers, we often think first of George Washington, or Benjamin Franklin. Consider a close examination of Alexander Hamilton, and his contribution to laying the foundations of the American political system.

Or choose Benjamin Franklin as the topic of your research paper, but focus on the scientific or agricultural research and experiments that he conducted. Few people are aware of the many important contributions he made in these areas.

The Invisible Minorities And Their Fight For Equal Rights

Topics like the struggle of the women Suffragettes, are commonly used for American history assignments. But what about the First Nations peoples that were the original inhabitants of North America? Women from First Nations communities often face greater discrimination than Afro-American or Hispanic women. What gains have they made over the last decades, if any?

The decision to isolate Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II was highly controversial. What steps were taken to compensate for the suffering of these people, were they enough? Or as it was war time, were the internment measures justified in the name of national security? Decide where you stand and defend your decision.

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