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The Top 25 Unusual Research Paper Topics For College Students

How can you make your research paper stand out? Well, obviously, the best way to make your research paper stand out is to work very, very hard on it: be thorough in your research, edit continuously, and really craft every sentence to shine. But even if you write the best research paper in the class, it’s likely that it won’t be memorable if it’s on a topic that everyone else is writing about, too. Global warming? Been there, done that. Rising divorce rates? Yawn. Evolution? Oh no, not another one!

This time around, why not combine your hard work with something that will really make your paper pop: a unique, one-of-a-kind topic? While everyone else in your class is writing about Darwin, gun control, and TV, you can be writing about something really interesting! Here are 25 weird research paper topics that will definitely make your professor take notice (and might just make them smile, too!)

  1. Civilizations that have disappeared from history.
  2. The importance of strong female role models in the lives of young men.
  3. How handwriting can reveal aspects of your personality.
  4. Synesthesia: how it happens, and why it’s more common among creative people.
  5. How the way you sleep can tell a lot about your personality.
  6. Is it possible to be happy in an open relationship or marriage?
  7. The rise of the “metrosexual”.
  8. Historical prejudices against left-handed people.
  9. The history of the Bermuda Triangle.
  10. The importance of fish in Japanese cuisine and art.
  11. The startling similarities between different people’s near-death experiences.
  12. The art of reading tea leaves.
  13. Is jealousy a natural, unavoidable emotion, or can we suppress it?
  14. The history of MKUltra and modern MKUltra conspiracy theories.
  15. How do lie detectors work, and how reliable are they?
  16. Profiles of famous serial killers like John Wayne Gacy and Ed Gein.
  17. The history of “Outsider Art” as a legitimate art form.
  18. The history of the Grand Ol’ Opry.
  19. How did Detroit get to the place it is now?
  20. Why are truffles so prized in cooking?
  21. What was the Stanford Prison Experiment, and what did it reveal about human nature?
  22. Can animals be affected by mind-altering drugs like humans can?
  23. Is crowdfunding a realistic way to raise funds for a start-up?
  24. Do music festivals have an important role in society?
  25. Can animals appreciate art?
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