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How To Find Interesting Term Paper Ideas For Environmental Geology

When you are writing a term paper, you might wonder what constitutes a good topic. You may not know where to find an interesting topic. Thankfully, there are places you can turn.

If you need an environmental geology topic, review some of the latest scientific journals. Skim the abstracts to see what new discoveries have taken place in the field of environmental geology and see if anything piques your interest. You may very well find that reading a new scientific publication about a particular breakthrough gives you a breakthrough of your own and ignites a hot debate.

You can also review traditional magazines and newspapers. Look over your copy of Time of The New Yorker and see if there are any recent publications (or even older publications) that relate to this field. You may find that there is a column in one of the aforementioned publications which relates to an aspect of global warming, one that you can relate to your environmental geology course. It might even be best to use keywords and search through their archives or online database to find related publications.

Look over your course textbooks. Review in particular the sub headings and the keywords. You might find that there was something you never reviewed which is actually quite interesting to you. You may find that there is something in there which was reviewed in class, but only briefly, and you want to know more about it. If so, then you have your interesting topic. You can even skip ahead in the book and see what future chapters hold. This might provide you with an interesting topic and also put you ahead of the class a bit.

You can reflect on recent debates you have had or discussions with family members and friends. If you have a particularly knowledgeable friend who is contentious and likes to pick fights or arguments, have a debate with that friend and see what counter arguments he or she raises. Those counter arguments might act as a solid new topic idea that you can use, or can at the very least help you to see how well your particular argument holds up to the competition. It might be just the preparation you need to ensure your argument is well thought out and is something you can feasibly write about for your next term paper.

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