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Writing A Great Research Paper On Leadership Communication In 5 Simple Steps

A research paper on leadership communication is the same as any other work of its kind. The basics of writing are the same for pretty much all research papers, no matter the topic, with the same steps for what to do or include. Here are those five basic steps so you can learn how to do this kind of work properly.


  • Research the topic
  • Take good notes
  • Come up with three main points
  • Find facts to support those points
  • Have a strong intro and conclusion

Research the Topic

You are going to want to use every resource at your disposal to gather reliable information on the topic of your paper. Get as much information as you need for your work to be complete before you stop looking. You need to find every fact you want to use and the basis for every sentence you write. Do the best you can to get that much information together all at once.

Take Good Notes

As you gather the information, you should always take good notes. You do this as you look up information so that you don’t have to continue to go back to your research materials and waste time going back and forth. These notes should contain everything you need to write this just not necessarily in the right order. You may want to consider doing an outline as well.

Come Up With Three Main Points

When working with the normal five-paragraph format for a paper you will need three main points to express, one for each body paragraph. These should be clear and separate points that do not relate too closely to each other but do relate well to the main topic.

Find Facts to Support Those Points

Use your notes to find all of the relevant facts to each main point and include these facts in their respective body paragraphs. If you cannot support the main points that you are trying to make in order to support the topic, then you do not have enough to back up you position and need to go back to the first step for more information.

Have a Strong Intro and Conclusion

A strong beginning is important to get the reader interested in the topic at hand. If you have this, then they will want to read further. The more interested your teacher, in this case, your audience, is in your work, the better grade you will likely get. The conclusion is where you sum up everything you said and boil it down to its main point or points. This is what you leave them with so make it something good.

Each paper on leadership communication will be alike in structure and in steps to getting to a good one. Each one is also very different. Where you get, your information will be different and so will the points that you make within them. Make sure to make yours as unique as possible. If the whole class has the same assignment, what makes yours special? Answering that question is the key to a truly great paper.

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