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Top 5 Ideas For Coming Up With A Strong Term Paper Topic On Abortion

Abortion has always been a controversial issue. People of different cultures have vastly different reason for being for or against abortion and there are many ways to view this issue.


Religious views often are the first and most important factor deciding a person’s opinion on abortion. Many religions hold child bearing as sacred or holy, as a result religions are often against abortion with few exceptions. They often hold large rallies and forums with the purpose of dissuading the public and governments from allowing abortions to take place. In fact religion is quite likely the major reason abortion has not been practiced since the early part of the century. In any discussion about abortion, religion is a necessary point to consider.


Throughout history, wars and production have gone hand in hand, with many if not all of the large countries having armies, as well as production work forces made up of millions of individuals. With the need for more and more work force, some governments may possibly be encouraging child birth by implementing programs such as public and orphan assistance schemes. As a result a parent is less likely to see abortion as a necessary option since their children are taken care of despite their economic situation.

Environmental factors

In many underdeveloped countries the occurrence of rape is very high. Many pregnancies happen as a result of these crimes and a victim often feels it in her best interest to have an abortion. However, there may not be an available clinic or hospital in which to have the procedure done so many unwanted pregnancies result. Many believe that it is necessary to make abortions easily available in these locations since the unwanted births may only serve to continue the cycle.


An abortion can be a life threatening procedure. There have been cases of abortions going badly and the woman dies. In some cases she may be left unable to ever have children again. There are few regulated abortion clinics, as a result many procedures take place in unregulated clinics or with dangerous illegally procured drugs.

Personal Belief

It is important to consider a person’s personal belief when deciding if abortion may or may not be an option. A mother quite often grows attached to her unborn child and despite relevant needs or reasons for abortion, in the end it’s the mother’s decision.

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