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US History Research Paper Topics: Great Events To Write About

How to choose a good subject matter or topic for a history research paper?

  • Choose a historical event that is of great significance to you and the targeted reader.
  • Do not choose a conspiracy theory type topic for the history paper.
  • Choose a subject matter that has enough information available to do the history research paper on.
  • When conducting research on the history topic, ensure that you use primary sources that are good, credible, and reliable.
  • It is good to use sources from authors who are considered experts regarding a particular historical event.
  • Do not be afraid to ask your professor for good books and journals, in reference to the subject matter, for the research paper.
  • When doing a history research paper, ensure that the information obtained is on point, credible, and easy to verify.
  • Be very careful using the internet as a tool to find information on the subject matter for the paper.
  • Always check the sources and verify the sources whenever obtain information on the topic from a particular website.
  • The best place to find a good subject matter for a history paper are history textbooks or the library.

Here are a few topics to write about in a history research paper:

  • What role will President Obama play in history as the first Black President of the USA?
  • Are we moving forward or backwards when it comes to race relations in America?
  • Why do so many people have an issue regarding “illegal” immigrants? Wasn’t the USA built on the foundation of immigrants coming to America?
  • Which is the favorite sport for Americans: baseball vs. football?
  • Why does the Civil War still have significance in today’s society?
  • Why is the Korean War still considered the “forgotten war” involving American soldiers?
  • Why aren’t today’s vets receiving the same benefits and care as vets from World War II?
  • Are Indian tribes still suffering socioeconomic issues from their ancestors being placed on Indian reservations?
  • Do we live in a segregated society vs. an integrated society?

Here another few great topics that would be great to write about in a history research paper:

  • Discuss the role of women in politics, corporate world, and science world.
  • Discuss the role of minorities (Blacks and Latinos) in politics, corporate world, and science world.
  • Discuss the real reason for Planned Parenthood: decrease the whole population vs. decrease the population of certain groups of individuals like immigrants and other minority groups.
  • Have the lives of minorities, especially Black Americans, since the passage of the Civil Rights Bills and Voting Rights Act, improved at all?
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