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The Top 28 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics For High School

All those who are commencing their research in High School will find following 28 topics highly interesting. Check them out-

  1. How rehabilitation facilities for youngsters should be maintained?
  2. What are the consequences of gay marriages in America? Should it be promoted?
  3. How would you justify the wars in Arab countries?
  4. What are the prime reasons for the people shifting towards homosexuality?
  5. What are the most common problems faced by single parents?
  6. Should leaders be provided leadership education before putting them to power and rule the country?
  7. How rape cases can be reduced? What is the chief reason for the increase in number? What kind of culprits is chiefly involved? How such mentality can be changed?
  8. Why drugs are banned? Are such drugs have become part of our daily routine in the form of medicines? Are pesticides and insecticides different from them?
  9. How ghettos can be demolished?
  10. Is pornography different from prostitutions? How?
  11. What are the challenges faced by single parents and their kids? Are such kids emotionally stronger?
  12. Is technology doing more bad than good to the youngsters? How? Talk in terms of computers, cell phones, kitchen appliances and other electronic gadgets? How the rays coming out of them responsible for disastrous diseases like cancer?
  13. What are the disgusting effects of racial discrimination?
  14. Do teen pregnant girls give birth to healthy child? Why not?
  15. How the root cause of terrorism can be aborted?
  16. How preaching has become a commonly popular business these days?
  17. Talk about domestic violence in Africa?
  18. Why abortion for any of the gender should be considered illegal?
  19. Do jail convicts be offered conjugal rights? How it will turn them into noble individuals?
  20. Why cloning should be not be legalized? Will it have more bad effects than good? Talk about the issues in terms of increasing terrorism.
  21. How effective is the electorate system in America?
  22. Why tattoos should not be legalized?
  23. Why nuclear weapons should not be created on large scale? Talk about its adverse impacts in future?
  24. Why suicide is never justified?
  25. What are the various ways to fight against the stigma of AIDS parents?
  26. Discuss the difference between natives of native America and Latin America?
  27. How child sex abuse can be eliminated? What is the root cause of it?
  28. Should sex education be imparted to the high school students?
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