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The Top 25 Research Paper Topics For College Students

When you are going to write my college paper, you have to do better research and write a stronger paper than you did in high school. That means you have to learn how to write a well-written research paper and pick a great topic. Here are the top research paper topics for college students.

Top 25 Research Paper Topics

  • Cyber security, this topic is a good one to do because it will give your reader a new look at the security that is in place online.
  • White collar crimes, you could look at what kind of white collar crimes are out there and how they are being caught and prosecuted for them.
  • Online retail, you don’t have to leave your house anymore to buy anything and this topic is great way to show the progression of this kind of shopping.
  • Police brutality, this topic has a lot of examples for you to work with.
  • Serial killers, you can pick one or look at them as a group to do your research paper.
  • Insanity defense, how often is this used and how often is it successful?
  • Three strikes law, is it effective?
  • Prisons and prisoners, how much do we spend every year on both of these and is it necessary?
  • Attention Deficit Disorder, there is a few ways you can look at this, do research and figure which one you want to take it.
  • Intelligence tests, are they accurate?
  • Literacy, are we living in a country where people are become illiterate?
  • Diploma mills, are these kinds of place making it hard for college graduates to get a job?
  • Global Warming, fact or myth?
  • Energy, we all need to use energy to run our cars, light and heat our houses but what kind of energy is the best energy?
  • Oil spills, whose fault is it?
  • Pesticides, are they make us sick?
  • Recycling, is it really helping the environment?
  • Landfills, are we being overrun with garbage?
  • Family values, are we losing them?
  • Anorexia/Bulimia, what causes someone to have them?
  • Fast food, good in moderation or slowing killing us?
  • Plastic surgery, are we too vain about our appearance now and do we really know what it looks like to be a certain age?
  • Materialism, is the world obsessed with objects?
  • Stereotypes, legitimate or do we need to stop?
  • Impeachment, you can look at who has become impeached and study the steps it takes to become impeached.
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