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The Top 22 Most Interesting Topics To Write About For A Research Paper

Research papers are fun and easy to complete, so you don’t have to worry if your teacher asks you to write one. You just have to find a nice, interesting topic and have fun while writing about it. If you write with positive thoughts and you put passion into it, the final result will be better than you ever expected. Take a look at these topics:

  1. Living on benefits. Do you think that the government should support the people who don’t work?
  2. Teenage pregnancy and future consequences.
  3. Integrating disabled children in the society.
  4. Should the government provide food for students on a daily basis?
  5. Entry jobs. What are the chances for a student to get a good job?
  6. Fast food consumption in schools. Should it be prohibited?
  7. Noise pollution and ways to prevent it.
  8. Globalization.
  9. Rehabilitation of criminals. Is it possible for them to become normal members of the community?
  10. Graffiti is art or vandalism?
  11. Tattoos and how can they influence the career. Do you think that teenagers should be prevented from getting a tattoo?
  12. The history of coffee.
  13. What is the first country in the world that legalized gay marriage? What were the reactions?
  14. Write about a religion of your choice. You can even bring representative pictures and videos.
  15. Is technology taking over our lives? Why do teenagers use Internet all the time?
  16. Contraception should be illegal? From religious point of view it is prohibited, but in nowadays society it is extremely common.
  17. Death penalty. In many countries it is still legal, but it is applied only in extraordinary cases.
  18. Cars of the future. Are electric cars better for the environment?
  19. Smoking in public areas. Prohibiting this is not a violation of human rights?
  20. Polygamy. In some countries it is still common because of social and religious norms. Do you think that a man can have a healthy relationship with more than one wife?
  21. Cyber bullying. Many parents don’t realize the danger, but teenagers and children can be affected by this and it can have severe consequences on long term.
  22. Using animals in laboratories. Is this a moral practice or a form of animal abuse? Do you think that the government should prohibit this?
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