Concluding a research paper:

Concluding a research paper is easier than you think. There are a few key points to remember that can help you write this section with clarity and understanding. Students often find this section tricky to write because it concludes the paper. This section should bring your subject matter to an effective close. Readers should feel they got something useful or meaningful from the text. You would think this section is easy to write if you wrote other sections of your paper. But, for many students it is about understanding what information you should mention. The following points can help students define what information is necessary when summarizing findings for their research paper conclusion.

  • Restate your thesis to refresh audience on why you wrote the research paper. Your conclusion section will simply restate points made throughout the text. This means you will rewrite your main idea into context that reiterates your claim or argument. You should include information that helps readers remember the significance behind your claim.
  • Briefly summarize supporting points mentioned throughout your paper. Supporting points mentioned are points that back up your main idea or thesis statement. You can briefly mention these points again (paraphrased of course) in your conclusion. Doing so will help bring your paper together to your main point. This also helps show why each point is connected to your main point mentioned earlier in the paper.
  • State message you want readers to take from your research. One element that is important for most conclusion sections of an academic paper is the message or lasting thought you want readers to have. In some cases it may not be necessary to add something new or different, but you can provide information summarizing what you think is the most important elements related to your research.
  • Provide an example to help connect your supporting points and evidence. Sometimes you need to put your situation into perspective for your readers to understand significance behind your claim. A brief example can provide insight on how your claim is true. It may help further defend your claim when the content is something readers are familiar with.
  • What was the point of writing this research paper? Explain why you feel readers need to know about your content. As you provide a summary for your paper think about what caught your attention about the topic. If you felt you wrote enough about the subject matter to fully support and explain your argument, you should feel as if you can provide insight on what people may not know that they should know.
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Additional Tips

Read sample papers to get an idea of what information your paper should mention. Can you identify essential details that will make your conclusion complete? When you summarize information mention the most important points relevant to your research.

Providing a Good Conclusion

As you conduct research on your topic and take notes, you may want to consider what information you will find helpful to mention in your conclusion. Write a draft conclusion and share what you came up with to your instructor or colleague. They can provide insight on how well you summarized main points mentioned throughout your paper.

Summarize Information

You want readers to feel they have gained the most important information related to the topic. They should take away something meaningful that shows you effectively researched your topic. The conclusion should bring your topic to a close with unique details that easily summarize what you learned throughout the research and writing process.

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